Quebec’s largest forestry outfit

A leader in Quebec’s forestry industry, Barrette-Chapais handles all aspects of its forestry operations, including planning, management and supervision. The team supplies the sawmill complex in an environmentally sustainable manner by planning how timber is harvested, land is accessed, and infrastructure is aligned. It takes a colossal, year-round effort to manage and plan these logistics.

  • 150 active workers in the field
  • 5 logging camps
  • 12 months of continuous operation per year
  • 350 km of forest access infrastructure built each year
  • 100,000 km2 of timber supply areas around the sawmill complex

« At Barrette-Chapais, we don’t just catch the wave, we work hard to stay ahead of it. »

-Simon Beaudoin, Forestry Operation Manager

Our ideas make inroads

Barrette-Chapais’s operations extend over a vast area covering over 100,000 km2. To access this territory, the team plans and builds the infrastructure needed to open up hundreds of kilometres of roads, like preparing the sub-base and installing bridges and culverts. Barrette-Chapais is recognized for the excellence of how it works on the land. Our attention to access planning and maintenance means that raw materials are transported efficiently and safely.

  • Timber harvested all year round
  • Use of non-standard vehicles and equipment
  • Compliance with environmental regulations

« At Barrette-Chapais, we know that learning involves time, energy and change. »

- Denis Chiasson, Manager, Planning

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As the first link in the supply chain, forestry operations are carried out by a team of more than 150 workers in the field.

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