Healthy forest management: A core principle

Sustainable forest management of our forestry operations is part of our values, and our actions reflect that fact. At Barrette-Chapais, we care about safeguarding the quality of ecosystems for the current generation and those to follow.

From words to deeds

From the very beginning, our operations have been located on the land of Indigenous communities, with whom we foster a relationship of mutual trust and respect. As a leading producer of sawn timber, our mission is to offer the market a superior quality product. We assess how our activities impact the environment and encourage regional economic activity and development. All the land where we harvest timber is certified by either the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) or the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Our forest management and timber supply policy

  • Comply with laws and regulations on forest management designed to minimize environmental impacts.
  • Respect the rights of Indigenous communities.
  • Protect and maintain the long-term productivity of forests and soils by supporting their regeneration after harvesting timber.
  • Preserve the quality of water bodies and riparian environments by applying best practices in forest management.
  • Protect and promote biodiversity in plant and animal species.
  • Manage the visual impact of forestry operations.
  • Protect sites of special interest that hold significant ecological, geological or cultural importance.
  • Support research in forest management and logging.
  • Contribute to forest operators’ qualifications through training.
  • Adopt socially responsible practices.
  • Subject our practices to independent external audits.
  • Source wood fibre responsibly in accordance with the requirements of SFI standards by ensuring that processed wood is not from controversial sources like forests that are being logged illegally or that contain genetically modified trees.
  • Continually improve our forest management practices and report on results.

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