Quebec’s biggest sawmill complex

Located in the Nord-du-Québec region, Barrette-Chapais is the province’s biggest sawmill complex and the most efficient in terms of optimized wood fibre use. Installations include a yard, a sawmill, a planing plant, a thermal power station, and lumber kilns. A wide range of wood products are manufactured here for the construction, energy, and pulp and paper industries, then distributed in Canada and beyond its borders.

  • 350 employees who work all year round
  • 40 years of continuous operation, without any shutdowns
  • 575,000 m2 of total area
  • 300,000,000 fbm (foot board measure) produced every year
  • 40 different lumber products (grades and sizes)

At the cutting edge

Barrette-Chapais’s strength lies in its ability to innovate. Since the very start, our team has shaped its approach to suit the natural resource. Team members apply their expertise to develop cutting-edge equipment that’s as durable as it is safe. They’ve designed and improved 90% of the equipment at the sawmill complex. Their command of technology shows just how talented they are.

Barrette-Chapais understands that skills development is the key to its ongoing independent operations. With its specialized facilities, like workshops for parts and equipment manufacturing and machining, the complex offers a workplace that boosts learning and gives team members a chance to turn their ideas into reality. The ability to handle every step of a project with internal resources makes a world of difference in terms of options and performance over the long term.

Efficient high-speed sawing

Barrette-Chapais uses an end dogger on most of its sawing lines. This equipment’s innovative design delivers precise, stable pieces of lumber at a sawing speed much higher than the industry average.

  • Innovation, ingenuity and technology
  • Optimized production
  • Fail-safe, consistent maintenance
  • A material yield higher than the provincial average
  • Optimized use of coproducts

Jobs to discover

The team at the sawmill complex consists of more than 350 employees across a range of trades and occupations. Their contribution to our quest for performance is invaluable and a source of pride.

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  • Industrial mechanics
  • Instrumentation and control technicians / automation technicians
  • IT technicians
  • Mechanical technicians
  • Electrical engineers
  • Heavy machinery operators
  • Production equipment operators
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« Barrette-Chapais is like a Formula 1 team... We win the race because everyone puts in their best every single day. »

- Dany Boulanger, Maintenance Manager

More than a sawmill complex, Barrette-Chapais is also Quebec’s largest forestry outfit

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